Dalmatian 411

The internet is an amazing tool. There is so much information out there to help you with your Dalmatian questions and products. If the Internet cannot answer your questions, we probably can. You can always email us with the questions you have. Below are some of my favorite sites.




































dogcollar Favorite Sitesdogcollar

nickiLow Uric Acid Dalmatians

ofaOrthopedic Foundation for Animals

dnalogoDalmatians of North America

akcThe American Kennel Club

lsuDr Strain Deafness Research

lsuBAER Hearing Testing Sites

edals E Dalmatians

dcalogoDalmatian Club of America


dogcollar Dalmatian Friendsdogcollar

Aberdeen Dalmatians / Dalmatian Heritage Project

Tyrodal Dalmatians (UK)

Proctor Dalmatians

Woodwyn Dalmatians

breederof merit