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Low Uric Acid Dalmatians

Low Uric Acid Dalmatians (LUA), also known as Normal Uric Acid Dalmatians (NUA), are Dalmatians that have been bred to be free of a genetically fixed metabolic defect that can affect a Dalmatian's urinary system.

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The “Dalmatian Backcross Project” commenced in 1973 with the original outcross of an AKC registered Champion Pointer male bred to an AKC registered Dalmatian female. Dr. Robert Schaible conducted the breeding in an effort to address the fixed genetic defect in Dalmatians that affects uric acid metabolism and that may lead to increased urinary uric acid, urate crystals,urinary bladder aggregate formation, stones, urinary tract obstruction and even death. All puppies from this breeding were low uric acid and were bred back to registered purebred Dalmatians. It has been approximately 14 generations (30 years) since the original backcross.

Low Uric Acid dogs (LUA) <also referred to as Normal Uric Acid (NUA)> exhibit a 10-fold lower urinary uric acid to creatinine ratio when compared to other Dalmatians with high Uric Acid (HUA).

LEFT: LUA Urine Sample.
LUA Dalmatians
(left, clear urine) cannot make urate stones with the same
high percentages as AKC Dalmatians.
RIGHT: HUA Urine Sample.
The cloudy urine from the
HUA Dalmatian reveals the 10-20x higher concentration of
urinary uric acid that predisposes to urate crystals, stones,
and urinary obstruction in these Dalmatians.

LUA Dalmatians can either be heterozygous (Uu) and carry a single dominate gene for the trait, or they can be homozygous (UU) and carry two dominate genes for the trait. A High Uric Acid (HUA) Dalmatian carries two mutations (uu) and will produce high levels of uric acid. All Dalmatians that are not LUA are HUA. There are approximately 100 LUA Dalmatians in the world and less than 10 are UU.

uu test
This is Selia's DNA results showing N/N. "No copies of hyperuricosuria, dog is normal".
All three genotypes are in this picture. Seth (in back) is uu, Fiona (middle) is Uu, and Selia (right) is UU.